Kundli Matchmaking

Kundli Matching – to find your right partner

Most of the families consult an astrologer before marriage, to match the horoscopes of male and female who are going to get married. Kundli Matching is a system which deals with the study of position of the moon in the horoscopes of both boy and the girl. The following are the descriptions which help the astrologer in Kundli matching:
• Vasya
• Varan
• Yoni
• Tara
• Gan
• Grah maitri
• Nadi
• Bhakti kut

Above terms have their own significance and number of points in one’s Kundli (Horoscope). If added all these comes to 36 and a score below 18 is not considered as a good match as per traditional astrology.
Pandit R.K. Sharma is a famous astrologer who has helped many people by giving suggestions and solutions with regard to Kundli Matching.

The best beneficiary factor of the Kundli Matching is to know about the compatibility between the partners, to help in leading a happy and pleasant life, to have a partner with the same interests and likes, to take a correct judgement on marriage etc.

If the birth details (in which birth time and place mentioned)of a boy and a girl who are going to get married are provided to an astrologer, the astrologer will calculate accordingly and prepares Kundli and provides information about the number of Gunas matched between both the Kundlis. He also foretells based on his calculations whether those people can get married or not.

Many astrology believers have trust in Kundli Matching that leads to a healthy and compatible life.