• Symbol: The Lion
  • Dates: July 23rd through August 22nd
  • Positive Traits: Generous, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Loyal, Kind, Loving
  • Negative Traits: Pompous, Proud, Intolerant, Controlling

Like a Leo myself, born in the center of August, the Leo sign is special in my experience. A couple of fundamental details concerning the Leo: born This summer 22 through August 22, the Leo is called the fireplace sign. It’s symbol as being a lion, a Leo is proven to be most suitable for another fire sign for example Aries and Sagittarius.

A Leo is usually considered to be warm-hearted (hence the fireplace sign), creative, generous, passionate, and faithful. Their primary disadvantages include being referred to as bossy, controlling, and intolerant. Gain the trust of the Leo and you’ll possess a loyal friend forever. Anger a Leo from the beginning and you’ll possess a effective enemy for existence.

The Leo grows fastest on adversity, searching toward a spontaneous challenge to tackle mind-on so that they may move on with their routine. Most Leos is going to be open about what they need and can take measures to make sure their demands are met in straight-forward ways. Getting a thick skull is both a benefit along with a setback faced by most born underneath the Leo sign. One one for reds, they’re very loyal and devoted to finishing any task they go about using the utmost devotion and energy. However, many people could see this as obsessive and persistent, reluctant to simply accept another perspective in route something ought to be handled his or her strategy is typically regarded as as really the only “right” means by their mind.

A Leo having a mellow temper is really a Leo to keep onto and be buddies with, but an excessively moody or negative attitude should typically be prevented. Most Leos seek energy and treatments for most situations to become content in a variety of conditions. They’ll sometimes follow individuals who’re unfit simply to take an chance to guide once the chance arises. They create very effective leaders when because of the chance, but frequently choose the front type of fight instead of commanding from afar because they would rather fight beside their buddies and family members instead of trust their well-being to a different. Make certain and browse your individual to understand the innermost particulars of the sign accurate even lower towards the minute of the birth.