Libra Horoscope

The people who are born between 23rd September and 23rd December are categorized as Librans. The people with Libra as their zodiac sign are popular for being judgmental. They have a tendency of not to give up on anything. They have the talent to deal with all kinds of people. Prestige is considered as their major priority than any other success in life. They can surely attain success if they try, but will give up the work in between. The argumentative mentality is one of the many reasons which delay their success. There will be an argument for even simple reasons. The Librans play the role of the judge in every possible chance, even though they are very kind to family and friends. Because of their sincere nature they are reliable. They have many friends due to their caring personality. They never intend to disclose anyone about their problems and pains which are in their minds. The family members will never know about the personal life of the Librans. Librarians have their own concepts and rules in their life. Librans will lead a happy life with unexplained problems in their minds. The people who understand the nature of Librans will like them a lot.

The Sanskrit name for Libra is Tula which means the Sacles. It has the Venus as the zodiac lord. The Libra is in the seventh place of horoscope house.

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