Pisces Horoscope

The Sanskrit name of Pisces is Meena which means the Fish. The people who have their birthdays ranging between February 20th and March 20th fall under this Zodiac sign. The zodiac lord for this sign is the Neptune and the horoscope house if twelfth. The lucky colours for this sign are Lilac, Violet, Mauve and purple, while the lucky numbers are 43,34,30,25,21,16,12,7 and 3. Diamond is the lucky stone, whereas Mondays and Thursdays are considered the lucky days for the Pisceans.

The Pisceans are very sensitive and are highly emotional. They are people with a good mindset. They perform their duties quite well. They hardly see any failure in their professional life as they are sincere. They have their influence on their superiors in the workplace as well. They love all those persons associated with them in their lives, be it friends, family or others who are in touch with them as well. This is a special attribute of the Pisceans which is not not understood by many other people. They think from their heart and decide on things emotionally ending up in trouble most of the times.

The Pisceans will judge others by the emotional feelings they have for the others, rather than how others behave with them. They are soft-natured and as they are emotional, they don’t have a control over their anger too. The Pisceans can achieve a lot if they keep their emotions a little away. They have a tendency of blaming the nature if they are disturbed by the sun or rain. They get hurt for simple reasons and will be happy if they are respected. Nothing including sleep could stop them if they’ve made their mind to reach their goal.

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