Sagittarius Horoscope

The fact-hunters of the zodiac signs, are considered to be very intelligent and having a wide-witted approach to living life. Sometimes idealistic and spiritually minded, they crave to determine the meaning of life. They think everything thoroughly and make a decision, and will be very happy when others agree to his/her well thought out point. Sometimes can be quarrelsome and frank which makes them inflexible. The Centaur Archers are claustrophobic both mentally and physically, they love confrontation but sometimes are insensitive. They enjoy writing, reading and fair tremendously well in academics. They are fashionable and faithful to their friends. But sometimes they tend to cross the line, while being too talkative.

The Centaur Archers are very frank and positive, they have a clear picture about the aims in life. Since they have a huge collection of friends, this will help them reach their goals in life. Sometimes when they require religious support they know to lean on the right people for it. Some of them have health ruining habits, which will soon be realized and stopped by them. They have a great tendency to love and will enjoy each and every moment spent with their partner. They know where to stop and will never step into others personal sector. They do not like to interfere with others life and will not let others interfere with theirs. In their minds they are the Kings/Queens but at the same time they live in reality too. They are often referred to as lucky because of the unusual intellect.

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