Scorpio Horoscope

The Sanskrit name of the Zodiac sign is Vrishchika which means The Scorpio, The Lord of Zodiac is Pluto and Scorpio is in the Twelfth place in the horoscope House.

The scorpions are famous for their passion. They are highly passionate towards the opposite sex, which could be considered as positive as well as negative factors for them. Scorpions do not care about other’s opinion, even they don’t think about others. They wanted to get all that they desire to have in their life. These people consider the failure as torture of their life and they never give up. The major reason for their failure is the habit of putting things delay. Once they decide to take up all the things at a time nobody can stop them in succeeding. No other people dare to tell the weakness of the Scorpions. They have lots of friends and enemies, who have a plenty of respect about the scorpions. They destroy themselves due to their superfluous habits, which is compared to the phoenix. They ensure about their comeback as a newly born and fresh from their negative side.

The scorpions are clearly aware about the things happening on their surround. They can easily identify the truths and lies of the person whom they are talking to by looking into their eyes. This talent helps them many ways and they will not accept that they know all the facts and behaves like an innocent. They are the achievers, and have a tendency to keep their targets always in their mind till they reach the goal.

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