Taurus Horoscope

The Bulls can be trusted very much because of their loyalty. They also can be held accountable for many big things, whether they are teachers, speakers or even the president numerous people will be very dependant on The Loyal Bulls. They will never let down anyone who trusts them and are very sympathetic. Their gentle nature makes other people admit defeat to them. Since they are very kind, many people will try to take advantage of them, but will fail because the Bulls are very strong and will have complete control of the situation. If they do have enemies, the attracting power will be so immense that the enemies would be thinking about becoming friends with them. Self dependant and will never back down from their goals for any reason.

They are so stubborn that they hold whatever position they are in, until they win or reach their goal. Not only while achieving goals but stubborn in their ideas as well. Even though their stubbornness always gets in the way, they will never let anyone down in their lives. This loyalty starts from a very young age, other children would come to the little Bulls for solving their problems, since they have an extraordinary ability to solve problems. They keep plans or plays in their mind, and will not waver to execute them while helping others. If these plans which they reserve for others are utilized by themselves, there is nothing in their way of becoming huge achievers in life.

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