• Symbol: The Virgin
  • Dates: August 23rd through September 23rd
  • Positive Traits: Modest, Shy, Reliable, Practical, Intelligent
  • Negative Traits: Fussy, Worrying, Harsh, Critical, Conservative

Born August 23rd through September 23rd, the Virgo, also called The Virgin, may be the only sign indicated like a female. The many other signs are generally creatures or objects, as the virgin Virgo is symbolized like a human female. This really is strengthened by qualities exuded through the Virgo for example precision, hygiene, hygiene, a reserved attitude, along with a naturally good persona. However, as described being the virgin role, additionally they carry an aura of aristocratic prudishness and being critical of themselves and more. They’ve been considered to be psychologically distant and turn off from others, hence the character from the virgin.

The emotional restrictions set upon on their own can hinder relationships in lots of Virgo, leading to these to surround themselves with meaningless, superficial relationships which are only designed to function as a social status or shallow, self-fulfilling reasons like entertainment. They have a tendency to exhibit deficiencies in confidence in their own individual choices and choice, and, as a result, neglect to place any serious rely upon individuals around them, advancing the emotional void they’ve created on their own as well as their associations. As the Virgo may at this time appear just like a poor option for a mate, their outward shallow character is just skin deep.

Both males and ladies born Virgo are also considered to be extroverted, well-spoken, kind, supportive, prepared to help others, understanding, cheerful, and witty. Many Virgo is only going to shine much more an appropriate setting among individuals they are able to truly confide their full rely upon. Reveal much more concerning the Virgin using your .