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Sun Sign

sun sign tells your basic nature and the personality traits that remain constant through the phase of life. There are 12 sun signs

Moon Sign

moon sign reflects the series of emotions, fears, longings and obsessions bubbling below the surface of sun sign


The sun, moon, & planets releases the energy of a specific sign in the natural zodiac. A physical presence of signs effects qualities

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nakshatra that the moon is present in at the time of your baby's birth will present four possible syllables or sounds.It tells about the effects

About Astrology

Everyone know that Astrology is the study of planets & stars. But Astrology exactly works?

Know the real meaning of Astrology

Astrology is a part of science at some point. It uses scientific theories to determine the heavenly bodies like stars, planets and scientific tools to predict a person’s personalityand effects on it. These bodies or energies influence day to day activities while moving in certain positions. However, sometimes they get misplaced from their path. Apparently, When that happens their impact on a person’s environment or character also gets impact. Thus, instead of positive or normal weight, they release negative influence result in creating uncertainties for people. So, Astrologers study about these changes and handle them with rituals or spells.

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Kundli Matching

Find a perfect partner for you with the advice from the best Astrologer in India. Get solution to Kundli Dosha.


Control your enenmy or trouble maker with the powerful spells and rituals. Consult Vashikaran sepcialist now.


Know about the influence of numbers around you. Pandit R.K Sharma Ji can tell you about the impacts of numbers on you. Also find out about your lucky number.


Want to know what lines of your palms say about you. Contact now and get the accurate result of your palm lines.

Vastu Shastra

Perform perfect Shastra on anything like house, kitchen, bedroom, building, office, etc. Pandit Ji can perform the best Vastu Shastra successfully & precisely..

About Astrology specilaist

Pandit R.K Sharma

Pandit R.K. Sharma has more than 20 years experience in Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Horoscope, Vastu and Tarot-Cards. He is available for readings in astrology, palmistry, numerology, crystals, psychic and tarot cards. He has analyzed thousands of horoscopes for people from all walks of life, regarding a great variety of subjects. People from different parts of India as well as Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai daily visit to Pandit R.K. Sharma to seek advice, to know their future and to get their horoscopes analyzed.

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Pandit R.K Sharma is expert in handling different types of cases easily. Some of those problem are mentioned below

Court Cases

Court cases can affect your normal life. It cannot be predicted whether you can win or lose the case. Victory in court cases often depends upon the availability of more proof.

Love Marriage Solution

Love marriage is not an easy task especially if it is an inter caste love marriage and your parents or relatives are against your relation. Pandit R K Sharma is an efficient and experienced astrologer who can provide you right remedial measures.

Childless problem

Childless problem can often create a void in life. Problem persists due to the way some planet is blocking your luck for a baby. Consulting Pandit R K Sharma can provide you the remedy you need to perform.

Love Solution

Love is said to associated with lot of problems. Pandit R K Sharma is an expert in solving all love related problems. He has the ability to track the exact reason behind your problem and offers perfect remedies.

Career Solution

It is not easy to find a career of your interest. Problems arise in your career may be the result of your wrong choice of career or the the stars effects. Pandit Ji is the best choice to know the right career or the reason behind the present career problems.

Education Problem

sometimes certain planets may distract child from the studies and also at certain times they may get confused which subject you need to study to get your suitable career. Luckily Pandit ji is here to solve this problem for you.

Get Lost Love Back

It often seems difficult to maintain the love relationship. Even a simple misunderstanding can make way for a break - up. Pandit R K Sharma Ji is the right choice for you to get back your lost love.

Black Magic Removal

Enemies can use black magic towards you and that can affect normal life of you and your family. It could be difficult to find solution. Pandit R K Sharma is an expert to determine about black magic effects and helps you to get out of such negative auras.

Kundli Dosha

Kundli dosh refers to one or more serious defects in the horoscope compatibility of the two persons seeking to get wedded. There are three most common kundli dosh instances discussed as below. Mangal dosh is the most common but can be solved.

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