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Want to know about your future? But you need accurate answers. So, you will aware of the circumstances you could face. Since you are here consult the best palm reading Astrologer “Pandit R.K Sharma”. He is the most experienced and well-known Palmist. Also because of his long (more than 25 years) career, he has practiced palmistry with perfection. Guruji has solved above 26000 cases in his career. In this vast history of clients, he has offered palmistry services to more than 6000 customers. The well-satisfied service is appreciated by every client, he has offered service. Including India Pdt R.K Sharma has the vast majority of trusted customers worldwide. Especially bigger countries like USAAustralia, UAE, New ZealandSingaporeCanadaItaly  to name a few. His every client trusts him because of the friendly nature & assured of secure plus efficient service. This best Palm reading Astrologer is also available for phone or online consultation.

Now let’s understand little about palmistry and how Pandit R.K Sharma helps his consumers.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry or sometimes known as chiromancy is referred to as the study of the reading palm. With the reading of palm, experts tell the future of the person. The lines on the hand present the different aspects of life. So, palmist finds the occurrences in one’s future. To exemplify, the palm has the line of when you will marry, lifeline, heart line, have a child, get money even deathExpert palm reader astrologers study these lines to know what they say. In some of the traditions, astrologers predict person from reading (fingerprints, nails, palm skin patterns, skin texture, color, shape or more) palm. These characteristics are observed while reading hands. It is commonly done in countries like India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Persia, Sumeria, Palestine, and Babylonia. Palm readers also offer the necessary remedies or solutions to remove the obstacles that hand lines sometimes show.

How does Palm Reading work?


While performing Palmistry, astrologers examine the shape of the hand, the distinction of knuckles, etc. Generally, the hand has four major types Air, Water, Earth & Fire. These four categories represent the traits or nature of a person. For example, a person with the category of “fire hand” would be creative, short-tempered, high energy, ambitious, etc. Few traditions explain that Air & fire consists of more lines with less distinct description whereas Earth & water show less, deeper lines.

  • Air – Air hand has a rectangular or square palm shape. It exhibits long fingers, low set thumbs, pointing knuckles, etc. It shows the equal length of the palm from the wrist to the bottom fingers as the fingers.
  • Water – hands are long, oval-shaped palm sometimes having long, flexible fingers. The measurement of the palm often equal to the fingers.
  • Earth  It contains square-shaped fingers & palms, broad hands, thick skin, sloppy color. The measure of the palm to wrist has similar times as the fingers length.
  • Fire – Square or rectangular-shaped palm, stubby fingers, flushed skin. The length of the palm from the wrist is normally bigger than the finger size.


Normally we have three lines in almost every hand. These are Headline, lifeline, heart line. However, there is also one line called “fate line”. Only expert palmist can read this line accurately. Nonetheless, this line is believed to be attached to the life path of a person.

  • HEADLINE – Palmistry readers believe this line tells the mental ability of a person. Like his/her mind works, communication style, knowledge, learning scheme & also creative analysis of information in the brain. It believably shows the connection with a lifeline.
  • LIFELINE – The line explains the living capacity, health, well being, etc of a person. It is related to life and reflects life adjustments like physical impairments or cataclysmic experiences.
  • HEARTLINE – As the name suggested, it is related to sensible relationships such as love or attachments. The line is attached to the emotional side of a person. It shows the loving romantic nature or intimate relationship capability of a person.
  • FATELINE – The line moves from the palm’s bottom near the wrist, within the middle of the palm towards the central finger. Palmists say this line reflects the journey of a person he or she takes. That includes career, success, failure, difficulties, etc during life. But it also describes the consequences of the actions which sometime a person can’t regulate.


  • Travel lines – It shows the traveling trips taken by the person. The longer the line, the more that traveling is beneficial.
  • Union line – Recognize the close relationships of a person with others, cannot be specifically romantic.
  • Appolo line – Depicts the lucky life.
  • Sunline – The line determines the rumors & position.
  • Mercury lines – Mercury lines depict the health, communication talent, business acumen, etc in an individual.
  • Girdle of Venus – The line is related to the emotional capability of a personality. Also the talent of manipulating others.

Moreover, there are numerous markings in the hand which represent different qualities in an individual. However, you need a Palmistry specialist like Pdt R.K Sharma who can tell the exact meaning of these lines. He is professional in his work undoubtedly. Even Guruji suggests the best remedies to eliminate the threats that palm lines would show. Besides Palmistry this Palmist expert Astrologer proposes services in various forms such as Astrologyblack magicVashikaran, numerologyKundli matching, horoscopeVastu services & more.

The most popular services of this top palm reading Astrologer

Pdt R.K Sharma has given his guidance in uncountable situations, here are some services that he offered became famous because of the results.

Hence, what are waiting for? If you want to understand about your future or trying to fix problems. Discuss with Pdt R.K Sharma and see the results. Call +91-9815128914+1-702-924-0683 or visit


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