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Trying to find the best match for you? But you can’t because of some unfortunate faults. Or want expert advice to get the better match. Maybe you want to match Kundli of spouses in order to find an exact match. Well, without any waste of time consult one of the best Kundlimatchmaker Pandit R.K Sharma. He is the number Matchmaker. The Kundli Matchmaking Astrologer has a special role in the marriage ceremony. According to the Hindu tradition, matching Kundli of both boy and girl boy is very beneficial as it helps to find the perfect life partner. They will lead to the better as well as a healthy relationship between both couples. However, the perfect bound can only be made by experienced Matchmaker. Therefore, while Pandit R.K Sharma holds more than 25 years of expertise, he has solved thousands of cases with a 100% success rate.

He is a great Kundli Matchmaking Astrologer who has solved more than 26000 cases in his long career. including international clients from Canada, USA, Australia, UAE and more. All the matches, R.k Sharma has made are completely successful and accurate. He preferred by every client he gave service. Due to his satisfied services, Pandit R.K Sharma is trusted by everyone. Guruji assures confidential & efficient solutions to his customers. He is a master in his work. While Pdt R.K Sharma is available for his clients 24/7 for personal or phone consultation, he also handles online clients.

Find the Right Person with Kundli Matching

Matching Kundli before marriage is a ritual in Hinduism which has been followed from the ancient period. Because marriage is a sacred ceremony. It is a valuable decision for further future. Thus, ancient astrologers believed that both spouses should be perfect for each other so that they can enjoy their married life without any obstacles. kundli vidya or Gunmilan originated by Hindu astrologer and made it part of Vedic Astrology. With the help of Kundli, the Gunn ( qualities) of both boys & girls are matched before marriage to find them better for each other. Kundli Matching is an important part of Hindu tradition. The Kundli is also called ‘Janamkundlimilan’. It is made during the birth of a child with all the information needed for the matching. Such as the position of the moon, Jupiter, Mars, time, date, etc.

It is suggestible that experts must perform Kundli matching rituals, although family members, friends or doctors can also match it. The reason being they have experience and knowledge about the process. Also, an expert Kundli matchmaker can suggest all the necessary remedies or solutions if something is not right. There is also a number of online software that can match Kundli online. Although they are not bad to use, they are programmed with information. Hence, they cannot be fully trusted. This why top kindle matchmaker like Pdt R.K Sharma is highly recommendable. They can tell the exact results.

What Astrologers analyze while Kundli matching?

You probably are thinking about what Astrologers check while analyzing Kundli. Which makes it so crucial. Well, there are certain qualities, skills, thoughts, values, etc are observed in order to approve the Kundli. Because when the Guna of both the spouses match with each other, they are considered to have long term and happy marriage life. Apparently, if one has understanding visions for each other, happiness in a relationship is obvious. But if there is any problem specialist Kundlimatvhmakers provide certain remedies to fix it. For example, there is unfortunate Dosha (fault) in some Kundli of couples, then Expert Kundli matchmakers suggest mantras (spells) or methods to eliminate that. Likewise, sometimes Guna (qualities) don’t match. That could become an obstacle in marriage life.


However, there are some main aspects that Astrologers keep in mind.

  • Tara/Dina – It represents birth star destiny & compatibility.
  • Vasya/Vashya  Mutual attraction between couples. It contains 5 categories Manav/Nara (human), Varchar (wild animals such as lion), Chatushpad (small animals such as deer), Jalchar (sea animals), Keeta/Keet (insects).
  • Varna/Varan/Jaati  It shows the Compailtabilty of spirituality at the ego level. Mainly grouped in as Brahmins (Highest), Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra (Lowest).
  • Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati – Present the natural relationship between spouses. It is related to the moon sign.
  • Yoni – Yoni Koot has 14 categories of animals which are Horse, Elephant, Snake, Cat, Rat, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion, Mongoose, Dog, Cow, Sheep. It helps to find out the mutual love between partners. The intimacy level.
  • Gana – It shows the behavior of couples. Birth stars that are related to this are Deva (God), Manava (Human), Rakshasa (Deman).
  • Nadi – shows the health & genes of spouses. Have three categories, Aadi Nadi, Antya Nadi, Madhya Nadi.
  • Rashi or Bhakoot – This relates to emotional attachment.
  • Other important aspects – Childbirth, nature of boy & girl, health, finances, Manglik Dosha, State of Venus, State of Jupiter, Guna Milan, Strength of the Ascendant, Strength of the 7th House.

The point table represents the 36 Gunn that should match between couples. The more the Gunn would match, the more the compatible bond arises.

KootaMaximum Points
Grah Maitri/Rasyadipati5
Rashi or Bhakoota7

Pandit R.K Sharma best Kundli Matchmaker

Pandit R.K Sharma provides quick results of his services. With his huge experience, he is capable of offering wonderful solutions for Kundli matching. Besides, Kundli matching services, PanditJi is an expert in all the forms of Astrology like Astrology, HoroscopeNumerology, Palmistry, Vastu Services, Vashikaran, Black Magic, Kundli Matching and more. There are many cases he has solved with 100% perfection like career problem, Love problem solution, business, money, health, black magic removalget lost love backvashikaran, etc. Pdt R.K Sharma is one of the most affordable Kundli experts too. Another reason for the best choice for everyone.

Therefore just pick up the phone and consult him. If you want Kundli matched perfectly or trying to fix any fault. So, visit or contact Phone: +91-9815128914, +1-702-924-0683, email id –


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